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Vicarious Trauma (1 Hour)


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1 Hour

About the Course

This interactive online one-hour education session delves into the concepts of mental health and mental illness, where we will shine a spotlight on the often overlooked yet profound concepts of moral injury and vicarious trauma. Designed for first responders this session is delivered in a compact format to maximize learning for people who may not have time to attend a full day of training.

We will discuss the profound impact of moral injury, a mental health challenge that arises when individuals experience a profound breach of their deeply-held ethical beliefs. Participants will gain essential insights into identifying signs of vicarious trauma within themselves and their peers while discovering strategies to protect their emotional well-being.

This session aims to equip attendees with practical tools and resources to nurture their mental health and achieve a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Your Instructor

Pauline Meunier

Pauline Meunier
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